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Image of Uncured Back Bacon Chops
Image of Uncured Back Bacon Chops
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Uncured Back Bacon Chops

Baker's Bacon
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• Uncured
• English Style
• Center Cut Loin
• Applewood Smoked Back Bacon
• 12 oz pack
• Click the "How It's Made" tab above for more detail

Choose your favorite cuts and cures. We’ll pack your order with extraordinary care and ship it directly to your designated location. 

How It's Made


British style back bacon is made using the center cut pork loin that is still attached to a part of the belly. When we first wanted to make this bacon, sourcing was the hardest part, finding a supply of fresh loins that met our strict standards of animal welfare, combined with the best eating heritage breeds. We use pork sourced from a handful of select family owned ranches growing Duroc, Hampshire and Berkshire hogs.

The Cure:

We start with salt and raw brown sugar, for its dark nutty sweetness. Then we add my own blend of spices and naturally occurring nitrite derived from celery. The back bacon is naturally cured in this wet brine solution.

The Smoke:

The pork is rinsed and hung on a tree to go to the smokehouse. The smokehouse cooks the pork for 11 hours. Real applewood gets wetted down so they smolder slowly, the fire gets lit and over time the cured pork transforms into real applewood smoked bacon.


Baker’s Bacon is perishable, so it needs to ship carefully in a special pack on ice and travel no more than a couple of days. Individual orders are processed as soon as they are received, however we only ship on MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY to avoid shipments travelling over the weekend. Therefore if you place your order on Wednesday, it will ship the following Monday and arrive the following Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how far it has to travel from Marina, California.