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Baker's Bacon Deluxe Sampler Pack

Baker's Bacon Deluxe Sampler Pack

Baker's Bacon
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New to Baker's Bacon? Loved the original sample pack? Want to give the perfect gift of bacon to all your loved ones? 

•  One 1 pound pack of Thick Sliced Sous Vide Bacon
•  Two 12 oz packs of Thick Sliced Double Smoked Bacon
•  Two 12 oz packs of Thick Sliced Uncured Back Bacon

Click the How It's Made tab above for more detail 

    Choose your favorite cuts and cures. We’ll pack your order with extraordinary care and ship it directly to your designated location. 

      How It's Made


      The Cut:
      We offer a double smoked bacon more traditionally American that starts with bellies sourced from our hog farming partners.

      The Cure:
      Dry cured bacon—meaning it’s cured with no added water— is a labor of love. The bacon is rubbed with salt, sugar, spices and pink salt.

      The Smoke:
      Next, we send our bacon to get applewood smoked for twice as long as most other products out there. We even give it a second blast of smoke with maple wood. This process gives our products a rich color and deep bacon flavor. As a chef using bacon in many dishes, it was very important to me to create a bacon that is balanced in salt, smoke and sugar. Too much of either one will overpower your dishes.

      Baker’s is the real deal. The color you see on the bacon comes from hardwood being burnt, the flavor comes from quality pork spices and time! Most bacon can go from pork to bacon in 1 or 2 days. Baker’s Bacon takes a full 10 days to make.


      Baker’s Bacon is perishable, so it needs to ship carefully in a special pack on ice and travel no more than a couple of days. Individual orders are processed as soon as they are received, however we only ship on MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY to avoid shipments traveling over the weekend. Therefore if you place your order on Wednesday, it will ship the following Monday and arrive the following Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how far it has to travel from Marina, California.

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